Powertrain Development Engineer

Company Name:
TTi Global
Product Engineer
Powertrain Components and Powertrain Development Tools
Major Job Duties and Responsibilities
Basic understanding of Powertrain components and good understanding of Powertrain Development Tools (INCA, CANalyzer, CAN Communication)
Coordinates the design analysis and process
Releases advance product components and/or line of products
Diagnoses and corrects deficiencies
Maintains cost controls
Provides technical direction to support personnel
Coordinates supportive build programs
Coordinates test and/or development programs
Coordinates engineering projects with other departments and/or divisions
Coordinates with suppliers and/or customers on a regular basis
Stays abreast of new technology
Required Skills/Experience
Knowledge in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint / Intermediate level
Knowledge with Lotus Notes or other email communication tool / Intermediate level
Strong interpersonal skills involving ability to work effectively cross-functionally and cross-culturally
Strong written and oral communication skills necessary for meetings and presentations
Ability to work well with others, exhibiting teamwork skills
Partners with senior management to analyze and solve issues
Ability to multitask by handling diverse assignments concurrently
Strong ability to make sketches, engineering drawings and common computations
Strong understanding of materials, engineering theory and principles of design
Familiarity with basic hand and machine tools
Strong ability to use common measurement tools and techniques
Position related experience - 4-7 years
Relevant auto industry experience required - Entry level

Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Physical Required
All candidates submitted / matched to this assignment will successfully complete the required Drug Testing and Background Checks prior to confirming the acceptance of the assignment

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Don't Be Fooled

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