Network Engineer

Company Name:
General Motors
Network Engineer-GCC0000335
- Lead technical and management aspects of OnStar LAN / WAN infrastructure.
- Responsible for definition, delivery and performance of network solutions.
- Design - Development, Review and Approval
- Implementation - Deployment Plan, Red Team Reviews, Test Plans
- Operations - Stability, Performance
- Lifecycle - Procurement, Maintenance, Refresh
- Responsible for understanding the critical issues that effect operational stability and maintenance costs of systems, and assuring these are addressed.
- Responsible for the lifecycle and asset management of the network solutions.
- Apply IT technology standards and ensure architectures and designs are consistent with those standards.
- Conduct formal design reviews; identifying opportunities for improvement in areas such as scalability, maintainability, flexibility, reusability, availability and performance.
- Ensure implementation and operation complies with ISP&P Security Requirements, PCI and SOX.
- Makes presentation to all levels of management.
- Assists in the development of departmental goals and objectives.
- Secures relevant information and identifies key issues and relationships to resolve difficult problems.
- Maintains effectiveness in changing environments and with different technologies, people responsibilities and/or markets.
- Create and maintain an environment that enables all participants to contribute to their full potential.
- Establishes a course of action to accomplish completion of the job and/or project.
- Coordinates input from internal/external customers to better understand customer needs and/or perceptions.
- Keeps abreast of current product developments and trends in the Network space.
- Possibility of Global travel.
Required Qualifications:
- 5+ years experience in large scale enterprise LAN/WAN environments.
- Familiarity with telecommunications technology, including H.323, SS7, SIP and VoIP.
- Familiarity with network load balancers, including Cisco CCS 11506 / ACE / F5.
- Familiarity with Firewall Access and Security Policy, including Checkpoint and Cisco PIX.
- Experience in the operations and project management, including ITIL and PMI practices.
- Bachelor's degree in
Science, Engineering or related field.
- Excellent team and people management skills.
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Excellent processes analysis and presentation skills.
Preferred Qualifications:
- Experience with large scale high volume contact centers.
- Experience with "911" availability class systems.
- Experience in Global Implementation / Operations - European Experience
- Experience in the management of systems operations and maintenance of large enterprise networks.
- Solid understanding of data communication principles, including OSI and TCP/IP protocol models, including network security for both wireless and wireline networks.
- Advanced degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or related field.

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